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Protecting the Consumer's Future

Senate bill 562

SB 562 would establish a state-run single-payer health care system.  All Californians will lose their current health plans, to be replaced by government run health care, with benefits yet to be determined, to be serviced by a government-run entity populated with political appointees yet to be identified, to include provisions yet to be named – all paid for by a doubling of your annual tax bill. Please review the resources below, which you're welcome to download and use in your discussions with clients, colleagues and friends. Check back often, as we will be updating this page regularly.

NAHU Single Payer Infographic

Perry Communications Survey Infographic


Healthy California Webinar Deck
On April 6, 2017, CAHU VP of Legislation David Fear, Jr. lead a team in presenting a webinar to CAHU members detailing the issues with SB562.  The complete deck is available for you here.

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Don't Gamble on Single Payer
This one-page infographic illustrates the perils of single payer in a simple yet powerful format.

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SB562 Talking Points
Use these talking points in discussing SB562's problems with your business and personal associates.

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SB 562 Single Payer Bill
Bill information from LegInfo at CA.gov.

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